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“Apart from taking phenomenal photos, it was the small gestures that touched us.”

Our Story ▼

I started the business around 7 years ago. I was working casual in retail and looking after my new baby boy and my daughter who was 2 at the time. I had been working for studios for years and taking photos was by far my greatest passion. It’s one of those rare things you find that when you’re doing it, everything else going on in your overactive mind just stops and all that’s happening is what your capturing in that fleeting moment. My husband was working away to make extra money to support us and it hurt me so much to have him miss so many precious moments of our little ones first years.

It was the overwhelming need to have him home again that gave me the courage to take a chance on myself. I started the FB page and in the first 6 months I was jumping at whatever work I could get. I worked for nearly nothing just to get my name out there and to establish the business. After working around the clock to get things up and running I quit my casual job after 6 months and put all my time into the business. After 12 months I
called my husband who was away at the time and told him to tell his boss he needs to come home. That was the best reward ever!

By 2015 I was booking 6 months in advance and was beginning to turn away
work as I couldn’t keep up. I now specialise in Newborn, Family and wedding photography though I also do commercial and landscapes here and there. I am truly grateful every day to have found what I love and to be so lucky that people pay me money to do it (spins me out). I never stop learning and never stop wanting to improve. I love every interaction I have with my clients and I know its super corny but when I look through the camera I do see the beauty in everything. It’s a beautiful reminder that while time waits for no-one we can capture an emotion, a feeling and freeze it

In 2015 I handed my husband a camera at a wedding and said, “just for kicks take some photos for me”. He has an amazing eye and photography was one of the things we had in common when we met at high school. From that day on we were a team. Most partners probably couldn’t work together (especially in high pressure situations) but we work great as a team. Don’t get me wrong there are a few chosen words called out to each other at times but it’s mostly in good fun and all to get the job done right. By the end of the wedding all is forgiven, and we celebrate another great day being a part of something special.